Facilitation is key

better relationships, better decisions, more ownership

The secret of successful gatherings lies in the creation of a warm, inclusive, dynamic and interactive space. Using smart methods in the design of this space and holding it with excellent facilitation optimises the experience of every participant. Truly use the collective intelligence of the group by liberating people's creativity, improve relationships and grow together towards better decisions with more ownership.

Need help designing and moderating open, dynamic and brave spaces or train your team to do this, I can help. 

Expertise: conferences, team buildings and retreats, people assemblies, conflict mediaton in groups, process coaching, facilitation trainings, holding spaces for groups.


Online consultation session of 45 minutes

First aid for facilitation needs

Do you need to set up an online or live meeting, or organise a workshop for your team, and you have no idea where to start? You want to make your session interactive and successful but you need extra inspiration?



Facilitation of online meetings

Make the most of your Zoom calls

I facilitate or moderate your online meetings. This includes designing a productive, collaborative and interactive format, fully adjusted to your needs and context.


(one hour of preparation required per hour of meeting)


Facilitation of in person meetings, conferences

Mine the collective intelligence in the room

I can facilitate your in person meeting, team retreat or gathering. This includes designing a productive, collaborative and interactive format, fully adjusted to your needs and your team.


(one hour of preparation required per hour of meeting)


Facilitation workshops for your team

Train your team members to become facilitators

4h workshop (in person or online) on facilitating and organising interactive, dynamic and productive meetings, presentations and workshops.

€800 per workshop for up to 20 participants


About me

I am passionate about creating brave spaces where people can connect, share and cocreate together, using the collective wisdom that is liberated by using the right methods. The real power of organisations only shows when we invest in relationships and balance voices, when people feel valued and feel ownership.

For 20 years I have been creating spaces in education. In the past 7 years, working for Artesis Plantijn University College, I developed a model on interactive and inclusive teaching, using the criteria of the Universal Design for learning and Visible Learning of John Hattie as my key source of inspiration. I built a lot of expertise in designing and giving workshops on interactive teaching, policy advising and consulting, process coaching of various teams and organizing conferences and seminars.

In 2019 I finished the 4 levels of Deep Democracy facilitation and I recently took the intensive course in Processwork and world work in London. I find a lot of inspiration in the work of Margaret Wheatly on organizational behavior and the work of Amy and Arnold Mindell on deep democracy, group dynamics and creating open forums. 


Please reach out for more information. I'm based in Brussels (CET).

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